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  HaiCheng group was founded in 1991,  is one of the earliest development coupling and drying equipment enterprises. After 20 years of development, has become a large enterprise group services in the iron and steel metallurgy, petroleum, mine, chemical, biological, pharmaceutical and other industries, for the customer design, manufacture all kinds of non-standard products, equipment.

  HaiCheng group is headquartered in China transmission machinery industry base - Jiangsu, Zhenjiang, the group has total assets of about 80000000 yuan. The group covers an area of 150000 square meters, construction area of 80000 square meters, the existing staff of more than 1260 people, including engineering and technical personnel more than 390 people, marketing staff of more than 180 people.

  HaiCheng group has won the "national Shou contract re credit enterprises", "national priority to protect the brand enterprise", "AAA grade credit enterprise", "quality no complaints enterprise" and other honorary titles. The company has Jiangsu province "enterprise technology center", "enterprise academician workstation", "post doctoral scientific research workstation, the existing" Dr., 10 graduate students, senior engineering and technical personnel 25 people.

  There are 6 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries and a number of strategic cooperative enterprise specializing in coupling, spiral blade, oven, mixer, drying equipment, pharmaceutical machinery six series more than 300 kinds of products HaiCheng group.

  Company set up a modern corporate governance structure, improve the comprehensive information management, using advanced technology, through the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and ISO28001 certification, has established more than 40 city nationwide network of marketing services, ensure "soda products", "LaSorda service" in the industry's leading position.

  In the face of domestic and foreign enterprises of domestic e-commerce increasingly sound and rapid development, HaiCheng group specifically set up international trade and electronic commerce department, to meet different customer needs professional products and services.

  HaiCheng group adhering to the "together the world's source, on the human desire" the enterprise idea, high technology is continuously gather the world's top level of elite talent, enterprise development, the development of leading Chinese transmission machine and drying equipment industry.

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