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  HaiCheng culture is the HaiCheng staff 20 years practice accumulation, is our common will of crystallization, is relying on the future development of soda, is the embodiment of the value of life. The value of tangible, intangible value is infinite. Cultural inheritance, to digest, in future years, HaiCheng culture of continuous improvement and development.

  Let us learn the HaiCheng culture together, practice HaiCheng culture, common promotion HaiCheng culture.

  · core values: Chinese power supply industry leader
  · business goals: manufacturing Chinese create China
  · business objectives: ten years of struggle to add a zero.
  · management objective: to give full scope to the talents, turn material resources to good account, as the value of money, as it can.
  · target: a day to do a thing, in January to do a new thing, to do a great thing for a year, a lifetime to do a meaningful thing.

  Enterprise philosophy
  · business philosophy: financial scattered people together, people scattered money together; take the money, for fun.
  · business philosophy: the big group strategy, small business accounting system; capital operation, internationalization operation.
  Management principle: everyone to head one day, all striving to be number one。

  The spirit of enterprise
  · intellectual integrity and pragmatic innovation

  The enterprise morals
  · outside tree image integrity, education occupation loyalty。

  Enterprise style
  · pragmatic, innovation, excellence.
  · not fashion, not the form, do not tell lies, to go its own way, the dream of his own circle.
  · mentality decision outlet, as the decisive position。

  View of talent
  By virtue of candidate, to use, because education, keep a person with feeling。  

  Talent strategy
  Gathered first-class talent, stimulate the potential;
  The example of the power of team play, create。  

  HaiCheng private values
  · make personal sacrifices for the public good, selfless, selfless, is advanced;
  · put public interests before private ones, interests, are allowed;
  · first private public, private word pawn, is to educate the criticism;
  · jobbery, seeking, is to stop the fight against;
  · surface for the public, secretly as a private, is a hypocrite, not reusable, is to prevent the。

  HaiCheng reward and punishment concept
  · reward, much less the penalty Award

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