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  View of talent:
  By virtue of candidate, to use, because education, keep a person with feeling.

  Talent strategy:
  Gathered first-class talent, stimulate individual potential, play the example strength, build team.

  Poly poly source: World -- open all avenues, thirst after talents
  In the era of knowledge economy, the competition between enterprises has been from the cost competition, product competition more intense competition for talent, high quality talent has become extremely scarce resources. Our company knows this, since the company since its establishment, adhering to the "together the world's source" concept, with "Germany first, just as the base, often to the" principle of seeking a monash.

  Use: not race horses -- who, who let, Yongzhe
  Regardless of the source, regardless of background, regardless of the closeness, according the working ability and achievements, to Director for the opportunity, to the director general to the post, do to position; do wrong to the level, do not work to the road, want to drift along to the punishment, so that each employee to become independent of SBU.

  Education: the world only you in Education -- a year, Shuren, hundred years tree
  From the enterprise perspective of strategic planning, guide the workers to carry out occupation career planning, reducing the opportunity cost of expenditure. With the help of a good corporate learning platform to provide various forms of education, training and promotion opportunities, through training and occupation moral, skills, training, planning, comprehensive, the professional talent, professional comprehensive, all-round occupation.

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