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  Service objectives

  With the increasingly high degree of homogeneity, the speeding up of technological innovation, how to improve the product quality of service, it has become a very important topic. Service as an important part of industrial product marketing, to enhance the competitiveness of products and its important significance to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises is more and more obvious. Suoda group in the advanced technology in China at the same time, will have the Suoda characteristics of customer service service system as a core competitiveness of products to reflect.


  Service concept

  Service concept: fast, punctual, professional, enthusiastic
  ■ fast: is the fastest for customer service, also including high efficiency, high quality services to customers.
  ■ time: time is our commitment to customers, the credibility of the first embodiment is Suoda group.
  ■ professional: professional is a core Huapeng services, Suoda service engineers are professionally trained, experienced field service professionals, is the customer quality assurance.
  ■ enthusiasm: Suoda Service Engineer will take the attitude of enthusiasm, initiative for customers to exclude the difficulty and anxiety, to the customer's questions, do meticulous, clear answer.


  Service commitment

  1, free of charge to assist users to design, to provide technical advisory services.
  2, in accordance with the contract, provide equipment, packaging, transportation, installation and commissioning and guidance for equipment. The user is responsible for the training of operators and maintenance personnel.
Technical personnel at the scene were

  3, companies with users on the acceptance of goods, processing equipment such as shortage of quality and quantity, and provide the necessary instruments, instrument.
  4, in the warranty period for free repair, free replacement of damaged parts, in the warranty period, once the equipment problems, promptly after receiving the notice to the site of the repair, replacement or return, a quality problem, the cost shall be borne by the seller.
  5, upon receipt of customer service needs the phone, rushed to the customer designated locations, in the fastest time time requirements: the region (after sale service supervisor residence): 2 hours to arrive within the city, the city 200 km away in the province 6 hours, arrive within the city, outside the province 200-400 kilometres 12 hours outside the service: in 30 minutes to give customers a clear answer, determine the time of arrival and arrived within the agreed time.
  6, continue to deal with the problem, posterior responsibility principle, processing all of the normal operation of the product. If the seller did not answer or processing within the prescribed period of time, as the seller acknowledged quality problems, and bear all costs arising therefrom.
  7, after the warranty expires, to provide spare parts required to repair services and equipment in time to discount prices. Provide spare parts warranty period and special tools, provide necessary documents and the information of goods.

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